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Basics of Location Based Marketing.

In the era of advertising, Location Based Marketing on mobile is one of the most celebrated method to strike the chords at the right time in terms of the customers. Location Based Marketing holds enough potential if explored intelligently can yield surprising results as it helps connecting and delivering appropriate and target oriented messages. Location based technique would be considering and concentrating on a specific area, time and audience and would advertise according to the trends in the location.

Technically if we define Location Based Marketing, it is when any application or service inculcate the use of geographic locations to deliver or enhance a marketing service. Now, the required geographic location data can be procured from plenty of ways:

  1. A customer provides a Postal Code, Zip Code or the locality on its own.
  2. The location of the customers or the device can be produced with the help of mobile network operators.
  3. Use of automatic detection of location through hardware, GPS enabled and wiFi enabled devices.

By finding the adequate information of the potent customers, marketers can use it to provide relevant and luring advertisements and deals to the user.

Listing some prominent ways of Location Based Marketing:

  1. Embedded Icons/ Sponsored Embedded Advertising: Various types of sponsored deals can be embedded on map or on the page/ in app. Sponsored embedded advertising without search term rather it is based on the interest of the end users. Icons and logos can be displayed on the maps to determine relevant location to the user.
  2. Search via Local directory Advertising: It is the marketing through local merchant retailers like City Search, Yellow Pages, Dex etc. This will be displaying the advertisements according to the location or area.
  3. Notification based on Location: It will use the collected information through Wi-Fi, GPS or NetworkBased, to deliver app alerts or messages according to the user interest and preferences. Such services are adequate for both smart phones and featured phones. Once the user is registered the consumer will get the notification as soon as he/ she will be in the vicinity of the store.
  4. Location Branded Application: The purpose of LBS technology is to augment brand owned mobile media services.


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