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Job of a Business analyst Varies with Organization

Every Organization has decided different roles and responsibilities for their Business analysts. Basically, He has Analytical Skills, Technical Skills and a master’s of Business Skills. A Business analyst is one who knows the job of every employee of organization in detail. Some Organizations assign them roles according to that of a Project Manager.

While, Some Organizations look for a business analyst who can take care of their internal Management and guide action teams in executing projects smoothly. The one who could be responsible for the production of an organization and able to decide the priority level of tasks and act as a central core of an organization designated as Business Analyst.

While others, take them as an essential part of M-teams. They provide them the job of high level analysis of business activities. These M-teams helps in forecasting the future workforce. Business Analyst has the ability of modifying the way of accomplishment of client Business.

Some Business Analysts are given the responsibility of monitoring market strategies. They are required to analyze company policies and procedures to increase the productivity of an organization. The five Key tasks that every Business Analyst does are: Elicitation, Planning, Analyzing, Monitor & Manipulate, and Critically Evaluate.

In brief, A Business Analyst has to perform lots of roles and responsibilities. He is the one who has the ability to effect the growth and productivity of an organization. The main reason behind requirement of BA in an organization is the need of advancement and Perfection. A Business analyst is hired to help the organization in growing, prosper and achieve success in almost no time.

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