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Analytical Thinking – Key to solution of problem.

Thinking analytically or critically helps us in evaluating problems and making right decisions. It is the best approach to be used in making good decisions. You should think IDEAL while finding solutions to problems where I – Identify the problem, D-Define the problem, E- Examine the options, A- Act on Plan, L-Look at the consequences.

Problems should be solved in a strategic way and should follow a step by step procedure as Evaluate the problem, Manage the problem, Make decisions, Resolve problem and Examine Results.

Thinking uniquely and coming up with untouched options made a difference in analytical approach and other ones. It basically widens the probability area and can also affect the approach towards the solution. The main point we should always remember is that we should not confuse assumptions and opinion with facts. Also, an important thing is that we should not go for those solutions which can be error prone or troublesome in future.

In last but not the least, Analytical thinking is not just thinking, it is thinking which impose self improvements.

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