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Over Credence To Tactical Analysis Results In Loss Of Strategic Objectives

Technology market is progressing at a rapid pace and is ruling the social and corporate lives. Hardly a day passes without news flash of some latest system ingesting huge volume as well as big data and discharge analysis on what is to be done next morning, hour, or minute. From dynamic product pricing and social media sentiment analysis, to congestion based tolls on HOV lanes and real time traffic, everyone is adopting more and more of these super fast micro decision formats to do whats more proficient to enhance business without considering much for the cumulative effect over a broader scope and for longer period.

The immediate sales may be increased by dropping the price in real time, but what if greater effect is to depress sales of more profitable products? Offering alternate routes help reduce traffic congestion in the short term. Of course, analyzing the much broader scope and impact of quick decision is the need of the hour and not what real time analytics are designed for. These are the tactical tools meant to focus on narrow tasks and deliver the most important information quickly.

The trends of ensuring long term strategic objectives are met in order to traditional business intelligence systems which hold collaboration of information from across the organization’s shrine of systems and delivers a wider, deeper, long term view of operations. Due to the generic nature of these systems there are larger, slower and the latest big data analytics tools deliver immediate gratifications and fancy visualizations.

The overall strategic objectives should incorporate various aspects into consideration that would give an added layer of due diligence to the end user resulting in overall success of tactical analysis.

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