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Social Media Context Delivery Model On The Rise

Gone are the days when televisions were the only game in the town for watching and distributing video. Internet and Social web have offered content creators and advertisers with numerous options to distribute video in a cost effective manner. Within the course of Social media, “social” video has come forward as a viable tool for video command in any module of the pipeline from production to distribution. For the power audiences, discovery is no longer about twisting through different channels or a TV guide. Now it’s all about considering social recommendations and browsing social media feeds.

An overview of rising Social videos:

Social media influenced video has dimmed non social video on the web – In terms of the audience size, social media influence video is accelerating as compared to the non social video. The online video audiences are expected to double, globally reaching 1.5 billion by 2016. A big chunk out of them consisting of an enhanced significant portion will watch video and TV content on social media platforms like, Facebook, YouTube. Over the last 10 months, Facebook had the fastest growing online video audience of major web properties.

Social media is having orphic effect on content medium – Length of the video is shrinking, in part to associate the preferences of social media audience who like to snack on video. The collaboration of mobile devices and social media will be crucial to video future. Videos are heavily discovered and shared on the mobile device but using social media channels.

Advertisers wants to follow social video – In April 2013, 85 percent of U.S people viewed Internet video. And in U.S alone, video advertising is now up to 13.2 billion monthly views. According to the reports, consumers are more into watching brand video. Also, socially referred video starts are likely to be completed than non social video.

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